"TONA first came into existence from a meeting Adam Anton, Andre Phillip and myself (Dereck Camacho) had in Antigua in 2007. We got together over lunch and were discussing the industry as a whole, and how the three of us had been involved in the sport for some time. Adam with the growth of the notorious Kite Scoop Forum, Dre being one of the biggest icons in the sport, and myself, who had been making custom boards for several years. Each of us was already involved in kite boarding in one way or another, but we all saw that there was room for improvement in much of the gear that was available to the public and wanted to get seriously involved in that aspect.
Our mission at Tona is to develop products that people feel they are a part of, and simply love to ride. We all know what it was like to have that one special board, the one you jumped on and fell in love with from the first session, and at Tona that is how we want people to feel about our boards. With our focus on customer feedback, design, and rigorous testing we believe that our products will get you stoked and help take your riding to the next level. Welcome aboard!"                              

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The Flow

Smooth through the chop and soft on landings, this board is simply a joy to ride.


The Pop

Fun, fast, and explosive, this is the ultimate kite/cable crossover board.

Tona Ramp Fins (Set of 2)

The Driftwood

The Driftwood is our kite-specific skate, which we have completely renewed this time around.

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