The Driftwood

The Driftwood is our kite-specific skate, which we have completely renewed this time around. With an entirely new design and construction this board feels awesome behind a kite, and it can take a beating too! The original Driftwood had a great overall shape, so we kept the basic outline the same but made it a little wider so that it planes faster and is more forgiving on landing tricks. We also added a new EVA deck with built in concave and kicktail for added stability and board control. The ply construction offers a durable, high quality finish and just the right swing weight for doing shuvs and flip tricks in high wind. Whether you're an avid kite skater or just looking for something different to try on the water, the Driftwood will be an awesome addition to your kite quiver.

Dimension: 118 x 41 CM

The Driftwood comes with our 0.875" skate specific fin.

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