The Flow

Inspired by his love of surfing, Dre wanted something that's really fluid in turns while still maintaining the pop and edge control you need for performing powerful manoeuvres. The subtle concave design allows for smooth rail to rail transitions while maintaining lots of grip while edging on the rail. This unique design also allows for a very smooth ride in choppy conditions and super soft landings from big jumps.

The Flow comes with our 0.8" Slider fins. Hit sliders and rails without having to remove your fins. These shallow but long fins provide the same grip as deeper, conventional fins without the fear of snagging on an obstacle or breaking off when you ride up onto the beach.

Hourglass Bottom Design strong background-color. The Flow features a unique bottom shape. Developed by Dereck and Andre, the concave blends different rocker curves throughout the bottom of the board while maintaining a proven continuous rocker along the rail. Depending where you put the pressure on the board while riding you can get the level of bite or fluidity you are looking for.

We use a sintered UHMW slider base for the bottom of our boards. This sintered base is widely known as the toughest slider material in the snowboard and wakeboard industry due to its compression formed polymer structure. It also holds up great for sliding up onto sandybeaches. Rub some wax on the base for a little extra slip and steeze.

                                               136                       140                        144

WIDTH                               42.00 CM                43.30 CM              44.50 CM

TIP WIDTH                        26.50 CM                 27.20 CM              28.00 CM

STANCE WIDTH            43.4 - 54.8 CM         43.4 - 54.8 CM      43.4 - 54.8 CM

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