Versa Hand Mount for GoPro

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The Versa Hand mount is a unique design that can be worn on either your right or left hand or anywhere else you can think to strap it to.  The adjustable velcro straps allow enough adjustibility for it to be worn over any size hand.  Wear it over you winter gloves or tighten it up and wear it on your bare hand.  Then head out and get some sick footage of all your favorite action sports.  Film yourself then simply swivel the camera around to film your friends.
Now with the Versa Mount you aren't stuck with that one boring camera angle.  Get creative!  Versa has strapped the hand mount to a chairlft, wakeboard boat, the strut of a kitesurfing kite, the roll cage of a dune buggy.....  the possibilities are endless.


  • Fiberglass/Plastic is super heavy duty and marine-grade Aluminum resists corrosion
  • Left or right handed use...or get creative! Strap it to anything you can find!
  • Ergonomic Design.  Won't hurt your hand!
  • 360° on-the-fly rotation to get as many camera angles as possible and make more interesting videos.
  • Tool less articulation swivel with interlocking teeth to keep the camera at a set angle.  Locked in assurance that your camera won't move.
  • Adjustable straps allow you to use the hand mount with or without gloves.
  • Plastic and corrosion resistant materials.
  • Easily attach any of the GoPro Hero camera systems
  • Can be operated completely hands free.
  • Delivers low-profile positioning and ultra-compact mounting.
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