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OEM Silicone One-Pump Hose is a heavy-duty flexible hose with a 1/4" inner diameter, standard factory one-pump hose. This means it will not just be the only replacement hose you will ever want to use, it will last! Hose is sold by the foot so you can cut it to your specific needs. For more than one foot, just up the quantity when ordering. hose will be sent in 1 continous length of hose. This hose is the standard size for most valves on the market including Advance, Best, BWS, Cabrinha, Core, Crazyfly, EH, F-One, Flexifoil, Flysurfer, Liquid Force, Nobile, North, Ozone, Ocean Rodeo, RRD, Slingshot, Spleene, Star, Switch, Takoon, Vari, Wainman, and I possibly Zian. This hose deos not work on the Airush SPS valves (2008 and newer) and Gaastra valves. **NOTE: Blade and Epic use a smaller diameter hose than our standard 1/4". We do not currently carry this size hose. Hose kits are also available, complete with everything you need: 3 or 5 one pump hoses, one pump clips, and zip ties.


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