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Made of ABS Injected, the U.Go Linemount is perfect for recording the best images of your riding, the evolution of the training of new maneuvers and of course, all the unforgettable moments that this sport can provide. Mount for Gopro and other actioncams.

Clean/smooth design

Stable platform for camera

Easily installed, removed or relocated

Great camera handle for filming other scenes

Lightweight high-strength and stable

Do not interfere with the kite ejection system

Allows two installation positions (line* or strut**)

Compatible with all models of GOPRO®, Revl Arc®, DJI®, and similar action cams
Compatible with LumeCube®, Noir Matter®.

If your center lines are thicker than 2mm (Slingshot for instance), please notify so wider locking rod can be included 

* 4-line bar and newer low-vertex 5-line bar; Standard 2MM line.
** Fits up to 10cm in diameter of strut.




See additional information on LineMount on U.Go homepage.

See GoPro Linemount Review.


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