Sirius V1


Sirius V1

As soon as our riders got their hands on the SIRIUS, it became clear that this kite’s performance is above the current standards. The grunt of this kite and its explosive pop is almost overwhelming at first, but the kite‘s stability and direct feel allows any rider to quickly gain solid control and confidence.

90% of our riders and clients choose the TAINA as their primary kite, however STAR kiteboarding has designed the SIRIUS for the other 10% looking for a hardcore WAKESTYLE/COMPETITION kite.

The SIRIUS is a C-shaped hybrid focused on taking the elite freestyle riders to a new level of powered riding. The grunt of this kite and its explosive pop is overwhelming at first, but when used by riders that can handle power; this kite sets new standards.
The kite’s stable and steady pull offers the same riding characteristics as a cable park. It allows for huge pop followed by the proper line slack to maximize wake style potential.

Our Pro Rider Luis Alberto Cruz only rides with this kite, it allows him to pull off massive double HPs with the kite as low as it gets.
The Sirius’s powerful profile gives the consistent pull of a C kite and the power control of a Hybrid. The kite’s canopy layout prevents any flutter even when fully depowered or in super tight turns. With competitions in mind we made sure this kite has easy re-launching, great upwind performance and paid close attention to construction details in order to keep the kite light and strong at the same time.
The kite‘s performance really excels is in its powerful unhooked freestyle, but can also provide big floaty airs and powerful mega loops.
We increased aspect ratio facilitating pop and the slack of the lines, a feature dedicated to the wake style freestylers but also with a better hang time for the old school riders.
We slightly decreased the diameter of the leading edge to minimize aerodynamic drag, increase upwind performance and give a better depower for more comfort and security in excessively windy conditions.

(based on a 75 kg rider on a 135 twintip)
12 M = 12 – 25 Knots
10 M = 14 – 28 Knots
9 M = 15 – 32 Knots
7 M = 17 – 35 Knots

Freestyle / Freeride
New school C-Hybrid
Clean and Simple Bridle System with no pulleys
Heavy duty one-pump System
Customizable bar pressure / kite feel
Direct on-demand steering

As our sport, riding level, and conditions are constantly changing, so are the desires for a kite.

The SIRIUS is a completely new design in the Star kites collection for 2016; a freestyle oriented C kite providing a unique system, two connection possibilities for the front lines, which allows the rider to choose between 2 distinct feelings and riding styles. This simple connection option modifies the geometry of the bridles system for a radical change of performance



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