Aqua Azul Kiteboarding Water Shades


Aqua Azul Kiteboarding Water Shades

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Aqua Azul watershades combine a nice snug fit and vented lenses into a cool but practical design. They feature extra-thick 1.1mm polarized lenses with anti-impact protection for toughness and 100% UV protection for maximum outdoor clarity. The light-weight Polycarbonate frame ends in non-slip rubber arm tips. Combine this with the nose pads and adjustable elastic strap, and you've got the perfect shades for water wear and outdoor use. Each pair comes with a carrying pouch that doubles as a glass cleaning cloth, and soft zipper cases are available as well. The zipper cases have a hook on one end and loops on the back for easy attachment in many ways. Low cost pricing and all the protection and comfort of glasses 25% more!


Sturdy frame for aggressive activites - Elastic adjustable strap for secure fit - Polarized lenses to protect your eyes and provide clarity - Rubber nose and brow piece for comfort and snug fit - Total eye coverage

Available in red, black, white, blue (choose your color in the notices)


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