Crazyfly Addict 2016

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Delivery weight: 7 kg

Addict is a completely new board in our range, replacing the Pro Tour and the Nuke. The Addict is a freestyle wakestyle crossover board for advanced to expert riders.

It is designed and constructed to push the limits. Brand new Right Angle Channels on the tips and Edge Control Track provide plenty of grip. Riding the Addict without fins makes it ideal for hitting kickers and sliders while kiting, or at cable parks. The board is equipped with brand new 3.0 cm Razor fins for the ultimate grip if required.

Construction is rock solid and can take plenty of abuse. The X carbon, Kevlar, and optimized flex provide explosive pop while the larger rocker makes landings incredibly smooth. Brand new Light Up sidewalls are stronger and lighter than ever with an attractive color changing look.

The Addict has a flat deck and works best with wake bindings. It is also compatible with brand new Hexa Bindings.

The Addict is an absolute top class freestyle wakestyle crossover and simply an amazing board to ride.

The 2016 Addict – it’s addictive


The four Right Angle Channels on the tips offer ultimate grip for load and pop trick and allows for finless riding. Riding the Addict without fins makes it ideal for hitting kickers and sliders while kiting, or at cable parks.

EDGE CONTROL TRACK Precision tracking.

The new Edge Control Track on the bottom of the board provides excellent grip, better upwind and great tracking abilities of the board.

YELLOW BULLET PROOF KEVLAR Army strong, feather light.

Kevlar is a high strength and low weight composite material used in military and space industries. This high-tech material provides extra strength and pop for the boards, which are designed for freestyle and wakestyle.

WAKE BINDINGS COMPATIBLE More options, more fun.

These boards are fully compatible with wake bindings and all other 6 inch (15,24 cm) pad and strap systems.

SIZE:                 136x41                          139x42                               142x43
WEIGHT:            2.6 kg                             2.7 kg                                    -
STIFFNESS:        950                                  900                                      -
STANCE:    38 / 42 / 46 CM               40 / 44 / 48 CM                 42 / 46 / 50 CM
            15 / 16.5 / 18.0 INCH         16 / 17.5 / 19 INCH          16.5 / 18 / 19.5 INCH
(wake binding compatible)     (wake binding compatible)   (wake binding compatible)



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